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I met the inventor of Wearled – his goal: Easy iron on LEDs for any fashion victim and nerd to apply. T-shirts, trousers everything is supposed to be possible to make it glow. I was at Republica 2015 and visited a workshop with the inventor. In my video, I talk […]

Interview, video and beats with and by Camera by the fabulous and only: Björn Reusch Interview with KingUDERZO at a beach at the world’s biggest travel trade fair ITB for the second episode of KingUDERZOs “Wunschkonzert” – in which I also play a role!

“Cassy Carrington & ihr Herr Coslers” release their first ever single “Lügen muss ich nicht”. In an interview, I asked Cassy Carrington, why she named the song a “hymn” to all the people that are different. Also, I present her as a person and we discuss, what Conchita Wurst and […]

Feeling the Niagara falls in every part of your body is possible – even miles away, your hotel room trembles under your pillow when you try to sleep. Even more thrilling: Flying above Niagara Falls, experiencing them from inside a helicopter.

I’ve wanted to climb that parcours since the very first time I saw it. Well, after 7 years that I have visited the international travel trade fair ITB, I finally got do it. An action video with my gopro cam. Video text only available in German.